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Any Question About enrollment?

About Enrollment

How can I enroll myself in Pharma Delegates?
Please fill in the information in the application form and send it to the Secretariat of Pharma Delegates.
What is the schedule for the annual meeting?
Pharma Delegates starts with the meeting in September and ends in June of the next year. The announcement for the new term is sent to members around August of each year.
What are the annual activities of Pharma Delegates?
A monthly luncheon meeting is held from September through May of the next year. A Healthcare Seminar is held in June in conjunction with the General Meeting and Gala Dinner. No activity occurs during the month of July and August.
Is the annual due payable per company or per each individual?
The annual due will be applicable for each individual.
Can we assign the membership to another person in the same organization?
Yes, by informing the secretarial of the new name and title of the person replacing the previous member.
What are merits for becoming a member of Pharma Delegates?
The member has the opportunity to hear the latest topic and ask questions to the expert speakers at the monthly luncheon meetings and Healthcare Seminar. The member also has the opportunity to meet and share information with other members of Pharma Delegates through activities of Pharma Delegates during the year. Such informal communication often stimulates the active exchange of information and may foster helpful discussions about business collaboration.
As a privilege of the member, the member can freely obtain a copy of the slide presentation of lecturers used in luncheon meetings. The members can also have access to Member Directory.
What is annual membership fee?
Annual Membership Fee per person is 100,000 yen.

About Attendance to Meetings

How do I get meeting announcement?
You will receive the announcement through an e-mail and the website. We would appreciate if you could respond to us by the designated deadline date so that we can make arrangements for your attendance.
Where is the meeting held?
Monthly luncheon meeting is held at the Tokyo American Club. The usual schedule is as follows:
12:00 noon
12:15 ~ 13:10
Luncheon (seated)
13:10 ~ 14:00
Lecture and Q&A
Do I need to pay for the luncheon meeting each time?
Fee for the luncheon and lecture is included in the annual membership fee. There is no need for the member to pay for each meeting. Separate fee is charged for attending the Healthcare Seminar.
Can a non-member participate in the luncheon meeting?
A non-member can attend the luncheon meeting. The fee is 15,000 yen per meeting. The fee is payable in cash at the registration desk.
Is a substitute allowed to attend the meeting?
Yes, the member can send a substitute to the meeting. We would appreciate if you could inform us of the substitute in advance of the meeting.
Could you explain about the Healthcare Semiar?
The Healthcare Seminar will be held in June. The event will include a key note speaker and several other speakers, addressing hot topics relevant to the healthcare industry followed by a panel discussion. Information about the Healthcare Seminar and the attendance fee will be provided to the member in advance.
What are the General Meeting and Gala Dinner?
The General Meeting and Gala Dinner are the last activities of the year and are held in June. The Gala Dinner is held following the General Meeting. The members hear a report on the year's activities and financial status from officers and have the opportunity to ask question openly at the General Meeting. The officers of the new term who were chosen by a ballot of the members will be introduced at the Gala Dinner. The fee for this event is included in the membership fee.A non-member can also attend the Gala Dinner. Please contact Pharma Delegates for further detail.
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