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Annual Healthcare Seminar History

A key feature in our program is the yearly Healthcare Seminar that takes place during the term. For the past three decades, seminars have taken place in locations both inside and outside of Tokyo. These programs feature in-depth lectures by guest speakers to provide a closer look at critical subjects that cannot be as thoroughly examined at our luncheon meetings. Simultaneous translation is provided as necessary at these meetings. At such seminars, our members have been able to witness the birth of new initiatives and technologies that would impact the industry well before they became universal practices, such as regulatory harmonization, the world wide web in medical communication and education, electronic territory management, the emerging role of pharmacoeconomics, biotechnology, and many other topics as shown below.

Past Pharma Delegates Healthcare Seminars

35 2017 Cancer Immunotherapy: Current & Future Trend
34 2016 Generics & Biosimilars: Trends & Strategies
33 2015 Open Innovation
32 2014 Outlook 2020
31 2013 Challenge of Globalization
30 2012 Can We Expect Japan to be a Source of Novel Medicines and Innovative Technologies over the Next Decade?
29 2011 The Current Crisis & Growth Strategies in the Pharmaceutical Industry
28 2010 Fighting Communicable & Infectious Disease
27 2009 Lifestyle-related Diseased: New Directions
26 2008 Fight Against Cancer
25 2007 Succeeding in the Japan Pharma Marketplace
24 2006 View from the Top - Growth of Foreign Companies in Japan and Japanese Companies in the Global Market
23 2005 Japan Pharma in 2010: Visions of a Not-Too-Distant Future
22 2004 2004 Annual Healthcare Seminar
21 2003 2003 Annual Healthcare Seminar
20 2002 Healthcare - Japan:
Reform and Restructure
19 2001 Healthcare - Japan:
Coping with an Aging Society
18 2000 New Technologies in the Pharmaceutical Industry:
Progress in Genomics and Information Technology
17 1999 May You Live in Interesting Times:
The Accelerating Paradigm Shift in Hospital Care, Private Practice and Home Care
16 1998 Emerging Trends in Health Care Delivery
15 1997 Focus on the Patient:
Making a Difference
14 1996 Change:
Managing Opportunity
13 1995 Pharmaceutical Companies:
Surviving and Thriving in This Cost Containment Environment
12 1994 Pharmacoeconomics:
Current Issues and Trends
11 1993 A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare and Implications for the Pharmaceutical Industry (II)
10 1992 A Paradigm Shift in Healthcare?
Healthcare in Japan in 2010 and Implications for the Industry (Dec.)
9 1992 The Role of Information Technology in the Pharmaceutical
Industry (May)
8 1991 EC92:
Prospects for the Pharmaceutical Industry (Oct.)
7 1991 Contemporary Issues in the Healthcare Industry (April)
6 1990 Growth of Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies in Japan:
Current Status and Future Strategies
5 1990 Creating and Managing a Global Pharmaceutical Company:
Insights and Answers with Respect to Discovery, Development and Marketing
4 1989 The Pharmaceutical Field Sales Force:
Current Issues and Future Trends
3 1989 Pharmaceutical Marketing Research:
Present and Future
2 1988 The Challenge of the Future
1 1988 Contemporary Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Japan